Is Forbes fake business news?

Forbes is known as a publication that many people trust, doesn’t mean it’s accurate. Forbes has been slammed for years for being fake news. In fact, the website has been harassed by angry users for years now. But what does this mean for you? If you think Forbes is a reliable source of information, you should definitely check the facts before making any decisions.

What is Forbes?

Forbes is an American media company and business magazine. It was founded on September 15, 1917, based in New York City.

The publication is most well-known for its list of the richest people in America, Forbes 400. In 2020, it had $163 million in revenue.

Forbes has been criticized for publishing inaccurate and biased journalism, especially about tech companies, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. Though Forbes is known as a reputable source of information on the business world, it cannot be trusted with everything that it publishes–especially when you don’t know all the facts surrounding a story.

How has Forbes been attacked?

Forbes has been the subject of numerous attacks since its founding. The first one was in 1936 when an article claimed that a group of wealthy businessmen had started the magazine to promote their own interests. The article caused a scandal, and Forbes was forced to issue a retraction.

In 2001, Forbes published an article claiming that Saddam Hussein had amassed $27 billion in cash and treasures, which he hid throughout Iraq. Closer inspection revealed that Forbes had plagiarized the information from two other websites, but they refused to remove their articles despite copious criticism on social media. Finally, in 2016, Forbes received criticism for publishing an article about a fictional company called ‘KodakCoin’ without checking its validity with anyone involved with Kodak.

These attacks have demonstrated that not only does Forbes publish false or plagiarized content, but it also ignores all feedback from its readership.

What should you do if you think Forbes is fake news?

If you think Forbes is fake, then it’s worthwhile checking your source for yourself instead of relying on Forbes. Check out other finance magazines for more trustworthy sources of information.


Forbes is a business-focused magazine. It is not a news outlet, and Forbes does not report on stories that are not financially related. Forbes has been attacked and branded as fake news by people who think they’re exposing injustice. It’s important to know the difference between what is real and fake news in today’s society.

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